Hi! Thanks for visiting my website! On this website, you will information about animals – mostly those used as food, but not only. I am a cognitive psychologist who has recently became interested in where food on my plate comes from and the impact of its production on the planet and other species we share it with. Just think about it. Pigs are able to ‘feel’ each others’ emotional states when one of them gets anxious. Cows recognize people who used to be friendly with them in the past. And did you know that chickens can remember the location of items with which they are familiar? In many ways, animals are different from us – people. They cannot speak, don’t have political systems (although hierarchies and role divisions in group), and cannot compare with their intelligence to us. But it is amazing on how many other levels they are like us: they live in complex social hierarchies, care for their offspring, become depressed when exposed to prolonged stress, and most importantly – they have emotions and experience pain.

I invite you read the stories of the chicken and other farm animals, before they became food.